What I Do

I’m a marketing and communications strategist. I help companies in the North to plan, implement and achieve their marketing objectives. I tend to act as my client’s marketing department working on:-

Marketing strategy

Good creative work always follows a great plan of action – your marketing strategy. Whether you are looking to make your consumers aware of new products, trying to drive loyalty or even to undercut the competition, you’ll need to choose the best form of attack. I Certainly Wood helps clients to build the plan and also implement it too.

As part of that strategy we’ll look at your current and potential customer base, digging deep to reveal what your consumers think about your product and what persuades them to purchase. Knowing more about them means we’ll know when and how to target them.

Positioning your products or services is a very important part of the strategy. We’ll look at how to place your product or service in the market, differentiate it from competitors and send out the right messages to your audience.

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Brand Analysis

Looking at yourself to see how customers view you and how you want to be viewed is an extremely important part of your communications plan.

We’ll look closely at your brand to determine it values, personality and brand stories. This will be set within your brand guidelines – the bible of communication!

These guidelines will provide a basis for all that you do to communicate your brand to your staff, customers and the press.

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“A picture speaks a thousand words” – it’s true! Good and clever design is essential for getting your message across. Bad design will always tell your customers the wrong thing about you.

Once we’ve planned what to say, we’ll choose the best way to say it and in the right medium. So if you are looking to advertise, send out direct mail or develop a website, I Certainly Wood can help.

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Creating a tone for your brand helps your customers to understand who you are. Copywriting for different creative mediums requires different skills and we’ll certainly choose the right style for you.

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Creating a buzz around your brand, telling interesting stories, will get people talking about you. Word of Mouth is a powerful thing!

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Business planning for small businesses and startups

If you have never had to do a business plan and you’re just not sure, or you simply don’t have the time. I Certainly Wood love to write your business plan for you. Starting from just £300, they don’t have to cost you the earth either!

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