As a result of the marketing activities, sales have increased by 10% in the last year.

As an independent car garage, Car-Tech operates in a highly competitive market and they needed to increase sales. Their main problem was one of identity, with two very specific markets that they needed to conquer. They had their regular clients and they also had a prestige market. With fantastic staff and technicians available to service both sides of the market they just needed to address the problem of identity. How to target the prestige customers without alienating customers without prestige vehicles?

We commissioned a brand new website and company literature that encompassed both of these markets through the design. Their new strap line – Service Engineered Around You, ensured that we could target each market individually but talk in the same professional voice. Each group having their own complimentary services and offers.

This year we are looking to increase the Prestige market sales even further. We organised an event at Croft Circuit where regular and potential Prestige customers got the chance to go around the track. We are also developing Prestige Posts, a blog site where customers can interact with the garage and ask more technical questions. There will also be a direct e-mail campaign designed to attract attention to the garage.

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