A Bespoke Website Design & Build for Car Tech - Creating an easy tool for advertising!

The brief - to create a website that could communicate the benefits of car maintenance is a user friendly way.

When we met Car-Tech's they had a presence online but it didn't help them to promote their business and encourage sales.

As an independent garage, their strengths were not just expertise in mechanics but how they communicated that to their customers. Research had shown that people came back to Car-Tech because they could understand what the mechanics were telling them. The website needed to reflect that and they also wanted to reward their customers for their loyalty.

So, we created a website that communicates to their customers in a friendly "non-jargon" kind of way. It gives all the information the customer needs, invites them to keep in regular contact through the MOT and Service reminders and allows the owners to up-date advertising banners themselves.

Lucie Beresford, Operations Director at Car-Tech said, "We are really happy with the website, its easy to use, we can update it ourselves so it has been cost effective as we are not constanly forking out for updates. We have also found our search engine rankings have greatly improved."


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